Thursday, January 16, 2014

Updates, Jan 16

Hey y'all.  Just wanted to let you know what's going on.  Thing is, I've started school, so my updates here aren't going to be as fast as I would like.   And then my internet at my house went kaput, so now I have the wonderful joy of trying to figure out how to make it come back.  I hope the internet company doesn't think I'm going to pay their next bill until they fix this.

So yeah, stuff.  However, here are the things I'm working on:

- Mortal Kombat blog.  This is my favorite movie of all time, and I feel like going over why it is.  About....40% done at this point.

- Star Trek '09 review.  This may end up being a multi-parter.  I don't want to do a top-ten list on it, as I really want to go into detail of my feelings on this movie.  I've taken full notes, so it's just a matter of turning the notes into rant.

- Questions for normal people blog.  This will probably end up being a series, as I have a lot of things I wonder about that exist in the world today, and I'll think of more in the future.

- Me and Aldaris.  To be honest, there are things I need to write that are more important than this, and this story isn't exactly my best work.  It's just stream of consciousness, and I feel I've made bad plot choices from time to time.  However, I'm still inspired, and I think I can finish it eventually.  Probably what will happen is that it'll pop up in small posts, and we'll go from there.

Things I am working on to not be posted here:

- Hero of the Month: Garnet Girl.  I know, I know, when I posted the original inspiration here, which was like a couple of years ago, it wasn't great.  Thing is, when I posted it then, I didn't have enough inspiration, and I was under the ridiculous idea that I should finish each story within the month it was set in.  Not smart.  However, upon combining this story with the plot of another story I had half-inspiration for, it all made sense.  Shortly I'm going to get friends' opinions on it, and I just had a meeting with someone who will draw my cover.  It'll be up on as an ebook by the end of the year, God willing.

- Unnamed Starcraft choose your own adventure.  I put up a bit of this during one of my Me and Aldaris posts.  It's a fanfiction choice novel following the adventures of Sam McManus, a young Morian citizen who wants more out of life than to just end up a miner.  I've made a good effort on this, but it's not near ready.  I intend to show this to Blizzard, offering them the chance to publish it as non-canon fanfiction.   If they reject it, then I'll just make another blog and set it up so that people on the internet will be able to see it.  Either way works for me, though naturally I'd prefer the option that makes me some cash.

So yeah, stuff is going on.  But I'm not dead, and we'll see where this crazy life takes me.

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