Monday, February 18, 2013

Personality Environment Type: Outer Space

Hey y'all.  So I have this theory that everyone can be defined by their favorite environment: things like the forest, valleys, urban areas, suburban areas, the vast desert, the beach, and deep under the sea.  It doesn't matter that the person in question doesn't live at the place they like, it's just that basically everyone (or so I'll assume) have a favorite environment that appeals to them for whatever reason.

My environment is outer space. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ten Things I Don't Like but Can't Complain About

Hey y'all.  So I failed my goal, which was to write a post every day for a week.  It's not fair...I had school and work on the same day, and that really takes a lot out of you.  That, and I forgot and watched youtube. There's a reason this blog is in the state it's in. Oh!  I have to vote for Ragegaming in his build competition!  Be right back!

Okay, so for today, I'll talk about my job.  It's a nice job.  I like working at a bookstore, for the most part.  There's stuff I have to put up with, and just can't complain about without sounding like a jerk.  There are things that are just part of the job, and have to be put up with because you can't really do that much about them.  Well, you can quit, but once you get a new job it all starts over again.

So here's some stuff that makes me mad, but I just have to deal with it.

10.  People asking for help when my arms are full.

It's inevitable.  I'll be heading towards the cart to take books and put them on the shelf, with nice empty arms, ready to help.  No one's there.  I gather up a bunch of, say, Stephen King and head over to his section.

"Excuse me!"

Son of a bleep. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thought of the Day: Writing and Victors

Hey y'all.  So I was just thinking, as always, but this time about the saying that it's the victor that writes history.  This is somewhat untrue.  It's certainly true if you're talking about a conquering nation that annihilates another one, but really, if anyone is alive of the defeated nation, then they have the ability to write. 

Granted, if you're part of a defeated nation, how willing are you to write about it?  I've been reading a lot about Communism (I have a college thesis coming up), and one of my readings is the Gulag Archipelago.  In it, Solzhenitzen notes that he wanted other people to help him write this testimonial, but only one person dared to do so, the committed escaper Georgi Tenno.  If a person has been through crap, they are apparently reluctant to write more about it, it would seem.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top Ten Top Tens Most Annoying/Hated Video Game Character

Hey y'all!  So I've FINALLY got this thing posted.  College really took it out of me.  As you know, I'll be posting every day this week, and today's post is the Top Ten Top Ten Most Annoying/Hated Video Game Characters!  This time, however, I'll be doing it a little differently than my earlier Top Ten Top Tens. 

Besides learning as I go, I've found that the top ten in this category are very, very clear.  The top votes I could expect in almost every single video.  Oh sure, there was a smattering of very interesting new characters I didn't know about before, but for the most part everyone seemed to vote for several top characters in just about every video.  Probably because Nintendo still pwns most gaming.

So for this video, I'll be posting some of the lower down characters just so that the list is more interesting, and you can see some of the characters that really annoyed people but maybe were in games that not as many people played, or that simply don't get your goat as much.  Being annoying is pretty subjective.  What I like about polling youtube to make this list is that only people who put effort into it get a vote.  It's not like having a poll in a forum where someone just posts the name of someone who annoys them.  The characters have to be sooo annoying that the person who hates them just HAS to make a video about it.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Thought of the Day: Posties Help!

Hey y'all.  It's one of my goals to post a new blog every day for an entire week.  I promise one of those will be my Top Ten Top Ten list!  Probably that'll be posted tomorrow.  For now, I'm going to post a thought.  Daily thoughts are interesting right? 

Anyway, my thought is post-it notes.  Or off brand equivalents.  I've come up with a method to motivate me to actually do stuff.  What I do is put things I need to post on post-it notes and then stick them on my wall.  Every time I complete a thing, I put that note in a glass jar.  Then I get to see my jar fill up with accomplishments, and I feel good, knowing that I've done stuff.

One of the things I put is posting every day for a week.  Most of those will just be a thought of the day, but hopefully I think interesting things.  INTPs think weird stuff all the time.  See you tomorrow!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hey y'all.  I just wanted you to know I'm not dead.  These college classes are kickin' my butt though.  I have been working on my Top Ten Top Ten Most Annoying Video Game Characters post, which, I apologize, has been taking longer than expected.  It will be up not too long from now.  I'll try to come up with another post in the meantime so that this blog actually has some decent activity.