Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hey guys.  So, as I was planning to continue my hiatus for a while.  However, things have changed.  I've been listening to a ton of Infected Mushroom lately for the purposes of a massive review series.  I'm just about finished with the series, and I was going to let it be a buffer for my return.  Thing is, Infected Mushroom is going to be releasing a new album, Converting Vegetarians 2.  It's supposed to come out in September.  What better way to lead up to the album's release than massive reviews?

So my reviews are based on the idea of what is mainstream, what is selling out, and Infected Mushroom versus Daft Punk.  I'll be going through the history of Infected Mushroom and Daft Punk, and how they've changed over time.  Keep in mind, though, that I didn't have the idea for this in mind right away.  It was my intention just to review Mushroom's history, and then it kinda grew from there. This was an educational experience, both in terms of the bands and of electronic music in general.  Starting this Saturday, I'll be posting once a week the results of my findings.  So join me on my trip through the electronic wonderland, and we'll find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

....Pretty far, actually.  I'm still falling.