Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Me and Aldaris (p33): The Voice of Dae'Uhl

Um, okay.  I can do this.

...I think I can, anyway.  I'm feeling a little faint just thinking about it. wasn't really as bad as it could have been.  It's alright, I can write it.

Okay, so it was a while since I last saw Aldaris, and to be honest, I was starting to think that maybe he'd somehow found a way to get back to the K Sector.  I hoped so, but was a little disappointed that he hadn't contacted me somehow and said goodbye.  Yeah, I know, expecting a goodbye from a dude who doesn't like humans isn't all that rational.  I don't know... it seemed like he might say something like "I'm leaving now" so that we didn't have to bother anymore.

Turns out, Aldaris hadn't left at all.  And it's a good thing he didn't, because...



Okay, I can't do it.  Long story short, something bad happened.  Or almost happened.  I know I said I would record everything that happens relevant to Aldaris being on Earth, but as much as recording the truth is important...I just can't.  I tend to shut down when put into extreme situations, and this...yeah.  Maybe when I've had time to process this enough I can write it down.  For right It's not going to happen.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to bury my trouble in mochas and cryptograms until I forget the whole thing happened.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Avenger: Age of Ultron Quick Review

Hey y'all.  So I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, and now my eyeballs need to throw up.  But since they can't physically do that, I'll just settle for doing a mini-rant here.

This movie sucked.

I've never been a fan of Joss Whedon, and this isn't convincing me.  The only thing I know for sure he's good at is banter.  Quite frankly, if this movie had been more or less nothing but banter and a quick fight with a villain-of-the-week, it would have been superb.  However, since it's a "blockbuster" that's expected to both emulate the comics and spend ungodly amounts of money on 3d crap that doesn't matter, ugh.

Note that I'm probably going to spoil something in the movie.  Not that it matters, because this kind of movie is nearly unspoilable.  Comic book movie, and all that.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Summer Hiatus

Hey y'all.  So you've noticed the slowdown in posts, more than likely.  The school year is finishing up, and I've been working a lot on that.  But that's not the only issue.  I have lots of real world things to focus on, including getting a job that isn't inconsistent and dead-end.  Granted, I love working in a bookstore, but it's really more of a job for a young person who needs an entry-level job or a housewife who wants something to do and likes books -- there's not enough hours or pay for a person of my age and position.  Not to mention I have things I want to publish, and I need to put effort into writing them, not just rants on a blog.

However, I've always liked writing here.  It gives me a chance to express things I have no other outlet for, as well as just have fun.  So for now, the solution is that I'm going on hiatus.  So from now until September, I'm officially not going to be updating.

Let me express exactly what this means.  I won't be writing posts until August, at which point I'll write to create a backlog of updates.  And because I know exactly how I'm going to end this segment of Me and Aldaris, there will be two more posts of that story before the end of this month.  I'll finish up the first "season" so to speak, before the break officially hits.

Thank you, everyone, for enjoying this blog.  I hope to see you again later in the year.