Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Write Club -- Prodigies

Hey y'all.  It turns out that my dad's cell phone acts as a hotspot, so I can do some writing on here even though home internet isn't set up yet.  Dad's cell phone, naturally being with him, isn't around all the time, but I can just write up blogs from my personal laptop (no internet there anyway -- too distracting for a writer) and then post them using the laptop.

So I was thinking about things lately, and I realized that there are no writer prodigies.  A prodigy is someone who is naturally gifted to be good at doing a certain activity.  For example, there are study prodigies who are good at learning, music prodigies, repair prodigies, and so on and so forth.  But there are never any writer prodigies.  Beethoven wrote a symphony when he was three, but no three year old of any sort can write a novel of any great significance.  Oh sure, they might get away with one of those odd little Beginning Readers books with ten words per page and a vast illustration (of course done by somebody else) but that is only on the whims of older people who happen to look at what the child is doing and thinks it's adorable.  Not big sellers or important novels.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mega Man Music -- Mega Man and Bass

Hey y'all.  Sorry this blog is late, but I'm still in the midst of getting internet for my apartment.

I really like Mega Man music.  Can't you tell?  I suppose this means I'll have to give Mega Man and Bass's soundtrack a review.  Heck, why not? 

So Mega Man and Bass is basically the hardest Mega Man game there is, yes?  Yes.  It feels almost like an apology for Mega Man 8.  MM8, while a decent enough game, had its problems.  It was comparatively easy, all the songs sounded like fashion shows or fitness videos, the robot masters called out their moves, and its color combinations could make your eyes explode.

MM&B uses a MM8 engine but erases all of these problems, generally by making the game dang hard.  Burner Man is especially wrathful, and is the bane of many gamers to date.  Even with his weakness, he's still dang hard.  One of the castle levels involves the player fighting a boss while jumping from tiny platform to tiny platform, and sometimes the entire screen goes white while you're playing.  Yeah.  No joke.  But at least you can play as Bass.  He's got a double jump, and that will save your life at times.