Monday, February 18, 2013

Personality Environment Type: Outer Space

Hey y'all.  So I have this theory that everyone can be defined by their favorite environment: things like the forest, valleys, urban areas, suburban areas, the vast desert, the beach, and deep under the sea.  It doesn't matter that the person in question doesn't live at the place they like, it's just that basically everyone (or so I'll assume) have a favorite environment that appeals to them for whatever reason.

My environment is outer space. 

Outer space is characterized by distance, emptiness, separation, and "unreal" colors of bright variety.  It implies vast distances, the absence of gravity and reference points, and generally great speed.  Time is a low priority, being put under experience in value.

The person who likes space:
- feels distant from reality or normal people
- is far more interested in the big picture than small details.
- is future focused.
- is generally intuitive. 
- prefers bright colors, even if these clash with his skin tone.
- can be very idealistic for the future despite a grim or fatalistic view of the present.

I want to point out up there that by saying "unreal" colors, I mean colors that don't generally occur in earth nature.  Naturally, you get a lot of faded blue, various browns, faded oranges, and greens of all types.  Space people, however, prefer neons.  They don't necessarily dislike other colors, but love colors that are brilliant, daring, and unignorable. All sorts of glorious blues, reds, yellows, and especially purples are prevalent in space, reaching shades and tones only artificially available here on earth.

Space folk tend to think about things a lot, particularly about life and the way things work.  It's generally a more artistic form of philosophy.  Potentially, it's very bitter, but doesn't have to be.  Anyone who is in space is reminded of eternity and vast periods of time, because planetary bodies are more huge than we imagine, and their orbits go around in periods unimaginable.  This can make the space person over artistic or over philosophic, and thus sort of annoying to be around.  Space people are generally attracted to science, sci-fi, and fantasy.  To them it is not a contradiction to put science and science fiction in the same category.

Space is a clash between safety and danger.  Black holes suck in all matter, stars go nova and supernova, and gravity will kill you.  However, the vast distances and long patience of space matter create an illusion of peace and low risk.  Well, there's always the whole thing of being a thin sheet of metal away from dying horribly, but those that choose space as an environment subconsciously choose to view themselves as being able to survive being in the void, because they tend to feel alien or different.

Just because someone prefers space doesn't mean they don't like other environments.  It just means that's the one they prefer and tells more about their personality.  And yes, a person's preference can change over time.

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