Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top Ten Top Tens Most Annoying/Hated Video Game Character

Hey y'all!  So I've FINALLY got this thing posted.  College really took it out of me.  As you know, I'll be posting every day this week, and today's post is the Top Ten Top Ten Most Annoying/Hated Video Game Characters!  This time, however, I'll be doing it a little differently than my earlier Top Ten Top Tens. 

Besides learning as I go, I've found that the top ten in this category are very, very clear.  The top votes I could expect in almost every single video.  Oh sure, there was a smattering of very interesting new characters I didn't know about before, but for the most part everyone seemed to vote for several top characters in just about every video.  Probably because Nintendo still pwns most gaming.

So for this video, I'll be posting some of the lower down characters just so that the list is more interesting, and you can see some of the characters that really annoyed people but maybe were in games that not as many people played, or that simply don't get your goat as much.  Being annoying is pretty subjective.  What I like about polling youtube to make this list is that only people who put effort into it get a vote.  It's not like having a poll in a forum where someone just posts the name of someone who annoys them.  The characters have to be sooo annoying that the person who hates them just HAS to make a video about it.

My normal rules still apply: I only count votes that are ranked 10-1.  If someone makes a top fifteen or just anything more than ten, I only count their 10-1 place.  Each annoying character gets one vote, no matter how high or low they are on the list.  My own votes do not count.  Normally I'd say that in the case of a tie, the objectively more annoying character (ie causes more trouble to the player) would be ranked higher, but I actually had no ties in the top ten.  Which is really weird considering how popular they all were, but y'know, handy for making a list.

In any case, I will start with the ones that didn't make the top ten, but made enough votes to rise above the huge crowd of annoying guys that only got one or two votes.  All of those that made three votes get a mention.  Here they are, in no particular order.

-------- Three Votes --------

Bubsy the Bobcat, from the Bubsy Series
Halo's Guilty Spark
Dormin from Shadow of the Colossus (why the crap didn't this guy get more?)
Count Veeger from Dexter and Jak
Otis Washington of Dead Rising
Link himself, from the Legend of Zelda Wand of Gamalon: Faces of Evil.  (Note: his normal self actually got one vote, funnily enough)
Waluigi from the Mario games
Peach from the Mario games
Silver from Pokemon
Ghetsis from Pokemon
Gary Oak from Pokemon

Next up are my four vote "winners", and they can have a little explanation.  Particularly because there's not that many of them.

-------- Four Votes --------

-- Amy Rose from the Sonic Series

I am not nearly as annoyed with Amy as some people seem to be.  Though sure, it's understandible to see why she's obnoxious.  She whines all the time about not being able to be with Sonic, and her voice can reach pitches of annoying frequency.  And her theme song is creepy as all get out.  I totally understand.  I'm just not annoyed by her.  As a character, she's very interesting to me.  Why?  Well, she think's she's a damsel in distress, but she's not.  As Sonic Adventures 1 proved, she's capable of standing up to Dr. Robotnik on her own, and yet she still wants Sonic to save her.  It's a plot point that could go pretty deep, if this weren't a Sonic game we were talking about.

-- Dr. Robotnik from the Sonic Series

Maybe it's because my only experience of the Sonic games is watching Clementj642's videos, but I'm not really annoyed by Eggman either.  Though had I played some of the 3D games, I'd probably be just as annoyed as everyone else at the way he keeps repeating his "GET A LOAD-A-GET A LOAD-A-GET A LOAD OF THIS!!"  That's the main reason people can't stand him.  A couple of people mentioned that he just never gives up, but because that's so true of so many video game villains, it's not really a cause of contention.

-- Bowser Jr. from the Mario Series

Not too many people hate this guy, but when they do, they really, really do.  He's a stuck up brat that always wants his own way.  Most people seem to hate him because he replaced the Koopa Kids, rather than by anything he's actually done.  Though I will say it was insanely creepy that he said Peach was his mom.  Ewww.

-- Pokemon rivals from the Pokemon games

Okay, here's where I bring up my problem with rating the Pokemon characters.  The trouble is, your rivals in the Poke games can have any name you want, thus making it awkward when you're tallying votes.  Does a vote for Silver or Blue also count as a vote for the rivals in general?  For simplicity's sake, I only counted votes where people said "Pokemon rival" without specifying.  There was one guy that said Gary Oak/rivals, so I counted that as a vote for each.  Anyone who disagrees with my rating and has a better idea can feel free to comment.  I don't want it to feel like the Pokemon rivals are being cheated because someone voted for Blue or for Ghetsis instead of just saying all of them.  Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, Pikachu got two votes.

-------- Five Votes --------

-- Big the Cat from the Sonic series

This guy really pisses me off.  I can't stand him.  No, I haven't played the game he's in, but I've seen the let's play, and that's enough.  His gameplay isn't fun, his design is herpy-derpy, his voice makes you want to shoot yourself, and his only aim in life is to find his lost frog, Froggy.  I feel so bad for Froggy.  All he wants to do is get away from Big the Cat, and I totally sympathize.  Next!

-- Eric Sparrow from Tony Hawk's underground

Eric Sparrow annoyed plenty of people.  He stole footage of your stunts to make himself look awesome, and then he crashes a tank into a building and gets you framed for it. What a jerk.  The only reason he scored this low, my guess is, is because skateboarding games and sports games in general don't seem to have as big an audience as other games.  I mean, crap, I've never played the game and I despise the guy.

-------- Six Votes --------

-- Jasper Batt Jr. from No More Heroes

Again, it's easy to see why people hate this guy.  Primarily it comes from his final battle, where his three forms are insultingly easy, insultingly obnoxious, and insultingly stupid respectively.  It's like with each form, he becomes something even more stupid than before, going from a kid in a car, a parody of a superhero, and a giant blimp.  Really.  What's more, he kills the main character's brother, and then tricks him into thinking he's killed the main character's friend, apprentice, and girlfriend.

Just looking at this guy's picture makes me angry.  It's that stupid tattoo on the side of his head.  A tattoo of a pizza?  A PIZZA?  Someone who would get themselves permanently marked by something that stupid just pisses me off.  Every time I see him I want to slap him right in the tattoo.  GAH!

-- Moneybags from Spyro the Dragon

No question here, Moneybags is a huge scumbag.  He constantly tries to cheat Spyro out of his crystals by forcing him to pay his way to progress through the game.  I know it's just a gameplay device, but doesn't Spyro have to save the world or something?  Can't you at least give him a discount?  Shame, Moneybags, shame.

-- Tidus from Final Fantasy X

There's actually a lot of people that love this guy, judging from the fan art.  However, there is also some that hate him.  For good reason.  All you have to do is go on Youtube and find that really obnoxious clip of him "laughing" and you'll get the idea.  I can't really glean anything clear from his wiki, other than he's a huge emo-kid, but I'll include here a quote and maybe you'll get the idea.

"I thought about a lot of things, like...where I was, what I'd got myself into.  I started to feel...lightheaded, and then, sleepy...I think I had a dream, a dream of being alone.  I wanted someone - anyone - beside me, so I didn't have to feel alone anymore."


And finally,

-------- The Top Ten --------

#10 -- Kaepora Gaebora

This guy represents the simplest form of all annoying characters.  He tells you really obvious things that you already know, and takes a long time doing so.  And he's weird looking.  Trifecta of annoying.  Though I admit I'm a little disappointed.  He's not really very interesting, and I like hearing people explain why they don't like characters.  With him, there's nothing to explain.  And that makes him extra annoying.  Oh, and his name is pretentious, even for a Legend of Zelda character.

#9 -- Ashley Graham of Resident Evil 4

Yeah, we all knew she was coming.  She represents more annoying things about characters: people who repeat themselves a lot, have annoying voices, and the always annoying escort mission.  You basically have to project this girl while she screams "LEON, LEON!" every two seconds.  I haven't played this game, so let me ask, is it possible to shoot her yourself?

#8 -- Toad from Mario games

I don't really get annoyed by this guy, though he does, in the modern games, commit a character sin: having a really annoying voice.  Quite frankly, I think Daisy's voice is far more atrocious than his, but he has the added "advantage" of having angered my generation of gamers with his "our princess is in another castle" crap.  I think people just overreact to him, especially since you can skip several levels and not have to face him all seven times in the first game.  But it's not an unreasonable opinion, I guess.

#7 -- Pokey/Porkey from Earthbound

Now here's a frustrating guy.  He's just so evil, through and through.  I don't even like looking at him.  He's an all around jerk, and the only person decent enough to play with him is Earthbound's main character Ness.  Pokey cons Ness into helping him find his younger brother Picky, and can't be bothered to help Ness actually fight off all the alien baddies they encounter, as he is a huge coward.  His future scheme include joining a cult, trying to commit human sacrifice, and joins up with the final boss, Giygas, to fight Ness.  And then escapes Ness with these departing words: "Spankety, spankety, spankety".

I'm sure a more annoying set of final words exists, but I'm having the hardest time figuring out what.

In any case, Pokey ends up becoming a time-traveling mischief maker, then finally seals himself in an Absolutely Safe Capsule, making himself immortal and able to taunt Ness forever.  How dang lovely.

#6 -- Baby Mario from Yoshi's Island

Yeah, this dude is sure to annoy.  Yoshi's Island is a great game, but the second you get hit by anything, Mario gets put into a bubble and starts screaming until you get him again.  That's it.  Pretty simple, huh?  A screaming baby beats a cowardly boy allied with the ultimate evil.  Or maybe it's just a sign that more people played Yoshi's Island.  Still, Baby Mario is grating on the ears, especially if you're like me and you like babies.  Every time I hear a baby cry I feel I have to do something or I'll start crying myself.  Must save the baby!  Though that probably isn't what the people who voted for Baby Mario are thinking.

#5 -- Slippy Toad from the Star Fox series

Really, guys?  Really?  You find Slippy Toad more annoying than all these other people?  Come on.  Now, I'm willing to understand if you think he's a little irritating, but what exactly does Slippy do wrong?  When people complained about him, they noted that his voice was annoying, he kept having to be rescued, and that it's his fault you have to go to Titania because he got too close to a boss. 

Is his voice really all that annoying?  Not particularly.  He's not screaming in your ear like Baby Mario.  He doesn't sound like a complete moron like Jar Jar Binks, or a prissy boy like C3P0 (you might like the character, but that doesn't stop his voice from being annoying).  Slippy just sounds dorky, that's all.  Besides, four other characters need rescuing as well: Peppy, Falco, Kat, and Krystal.  If Slippy is unprofessional, doesn't that mean the others are as well?  It's not as if the game doesn't clear out the other enemies for you while you save Slippy.

Yeah, granted it was annoying when Slippy got hit by a robot and sent to Titania, but that robot is easy.  As long as you're not a noob, you can defeat the robot before Slippy gets in trouble.  So from a gameplay standpoint, that's more the player's fault than Slippy's. 

Yes, I'll admit that his voice and design got worse past 64, but so did just about everyone else's.  Besides, has Slippy ever betrayed anyone?  Used anyone as a shield?  Tattooed a pizza on his head?  Repeated the same few words over and over?  Caused you to have an instant death?  Ruined that nice redstone trap you were trying to build?  Forced you to defeat giant monsters and then turned you into a baby?  No. 

Quite frankly, anyone who voted for the guy has to be a serious whiner.  Slippy is really nothing more than another one of many goofy characters.  Is he really that much worse than a super-arrogant falcon or an overly sentimental rabbit?  At least one person on Youtube had the decency to vote for the entire crew instead of just Slippy.  Ease up on the unnecessary hate, y'all, or just hate the whole dang series.  Sheesh.

#4 -- Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing.

You'll get no argument for me here.  There's absolutely nothing redeemable about a guy who nags you with long conversations and pops up to block your screen with random nonsense.  It's absolutely unbelievable that Slippy actually had more votes than this guy during the voting process.  Alright, alright, I'll let it go now.  Anyway, Mr. Resetti, like his name implies, digs himself up out of the ground and hassles you if you reset Animal Crossing without saving.  Mind your own business, jerk!

#3 -- Tingle, from the Legend of Zelda series

This guy seems more creepy than annoying, but that's who got your votes.  What isn't irritating about an adult man dressing up as a fairy and floating around on a balloon?  Ugh.  Those clothes are too tight, and he likes to say "magic words".  And if that isn't enough, he even demands lots of money for the maps that he sells.  It's like a combination of Birdo and Moneybags put together.  Which is annoying squared.  When I was looking for an image for this guy, I had to hurry and grab one quickly before all the terrible fan art scarred me for life.

#2 -- Navi, from the Legend of Zelda series

Everyone who's a gamer should know why she's number two.  "HEY, LISTEN, HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN!" going on as you try to play a game has got to be very frustrating.  She's got an annoying voice combined with forced dialogue.  She even flies in and wakes Link up with her super-annoying nonsense.

Alright, before we get to number one, how about some honorable mentions?  Since there's more than one way to be annoying, I'll have two honorable mentions.

Arc Rose Honorable Mention, Gameplay -- Minecraft's creepers and skeletons
- Creepers and skeletons are interesting, but when you're trying to survive on a map, and especially when you're trying to build something, nothing's more frustrating than having to go deal with an enemy.  Skeletons can just shoot you from long distances, making your first panicked seconds a quest to figure out where they are and how to get out of the way.  Creepers are super frustrating, because even if you survive their initial attack, they'll still blow up and ruin whatever it was you were trying to build, or blow up the chest you were trying to investigate.  Other enemies can be ignored, but these guys make it really hard to do so.

Arc Rose Honorable Mention, Plot -- Bill Hawks from the Professor Layton series
- Bill is one of the more evil characters I've ever heard of, and the reason he's so low town (he got two votes) is probably because not so many people have played the Layton games.  This guy is barely even in the plot, and he's super frustrating. 

Bill and his partner Dimitri were working on a time machine, and they actually had a prototype.  Rich financiers wanted them to test it, but Dimitri wanted to fix an error first.  Bill didn't.  Bill ends up testing the machine, but it blows up, killing his test subject Claire, the parents of later villain Clive, and several other people in an apartment building.  Did I mention both Layton and Dimitri were in love with her?  Sure, due to the time machine working for a bit, she was able to zap to the future temporarily.  But only temporarily.  She has to zap back into the past and die, inescapably.

What makes Bill such a horrible person is that he simply doesn't care.  He calls Clive and Dimitri criminals and treats them scornfully, even though the villainy of both characters was caused by him.  Bill Hawks was never punished for his actions, and in fact was elected Prime Minister prior to the game's events.  Afterward, he is still completely unrepentant, going off to be Prime Minister while Clive rots in jail, Claire dies, and Dimitri and Layton sorrowfully contemplate their lives.  To me, Bill's scumbaggery eclipses everyone on this list.  Even number 1.

So who is number one?  You already know.  You were thinking about him, just waiting for him to pop up.  Well, here he is.

#1 -- The Duck Hunt Dog.

I was going to be all clever and think of some funny introduction, but what can I say for this dog that hasn't already been said?  Basically, you shoot ducks.  And if you miss, the dog comes out and laughs at you.  This simple, frustrating act has made the Duck Hunt Dog the most hated character of all time.  It's so weird, because this guy is from my generation of video games, and yet he is still remembered today as the biggest video game jerk, despite the fact he hasn't been put in any future games.   Well, I guess it's one thing to insult the video game protagonist, but another to insult the player.  Honestly, he doesn't annoy me anymore, as gamers have made so many clips involving shooting him in the face.  I feel like revenge has been achieved.  Others don't feel the same way, I guess.

So anyway, that was my list, and I hope you enjoyed it.  I think the next Top Ten Top Ten I do will be about people's favorite characters, and hopefully that will be harder for you to guess.


  1. What about Waluigi from Mario games series. He should be #1 because he is soooooooooooooo anoying