Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tea of the Day: Lemon Fight and a Mystery

Hey y'all.  So I managed to get Dad to participate in another tea contest.  Yeah, we had some tea and watched Star Trek '09.   Thing about Dad is that you have to trick him into trying new things, because he's the sort of guy that distrusts anything in his food or drink that is different.  However, if you get him to eat or drink it before he knows what it is, he might find out he'll like it. 

In that spirit, I tried to trick Dad by making the first two flavors of tea lemon, so that he'd think the third was lemon also.  Nope, it's ginger peach, one of my favorite flavors of all time.  So let's see how he liked it all, shall we?

Competitor #1: Bentley's Lemon Green Tea
Ingredients: Premium Chinese green tea, lemon flavor.

Dad's prediction: "Why can't we have good tea first?"
-- After smelling bag:  *sticks out bottom lip*

My prediction: Lemon and green tea don't seem like all that good of an idea.
-- After smelling bag: Hm, could be interesting.  Smells like plum, for some reason.  Unless that's just my nose.

Dad's comments:  "Not half as bad as I thought it was.  It's actually drinkable." Would drink it again.

My comments: Hm, the lemon isn't too strong.  Neither is the green.  Very pleasant, that.  Not especially great, though.  Tastes like...I don't know.  Something not normally drank.  Not so great aftertaste.

Competitor #2: Boston Tea Company's Lemon, Honey, & Chamomile
Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, lemon and honey flavors.

Dad's prediction: "Guh-ross...chamomile...isn't that for communists?"
-- After smelling bag:  "OH GROSS!  You can't get worst smell like that from the rear end of a skunk!"

My prediction:  I don't know.  I've never tried this combo before.
-- After smelling bag: Ooh, ew...that's super sweet.  Not appealing.

Dad's comments:  "Wow....it's good!"

My comments: Tastes like basically nothing.  Just a tiny-bit of flavor there, the honey.  I don't like it, but it's not the worst.

Competitor #3: Boston Tea Company's Ginger Peach
Ingredients: Chinese and Indian black tea, ginger and peach flavor.

Dad's prediction: ---
-- After smelling bag:  Smells like armpit.

My prediction:  Ginger peach is neato
-- After smelling bag:  Yup, still neato.

Dad's comments:  *grunts and makes sour face*
me: uh, Dad, can you convert that into words?
"I'm working on it.....I don't like ginger, apparently."
Tastles like what you would get if you tried to distill alcohol out of wood. 

My comments: It's yummy and tasty and I'll like it forever. 

Meh.  Not fair.  Dad didn't come around to the ginger peach side.  He won't even try chai tea (pfft he'd like it if he tried it), and I already promised I wouldn't give it to him.  I guess that means I have to trick him into drinking Jasmine green tea next.  Hehe. 

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