Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rational Love

Hey y'all.  This is just a poem I wrote, sort of in the tradition of the Irish storytelling narrative in songs and such.  Many of the songs that passed down in Irish song tradition are true to life stories, and this poem is true in the sense that it...well, I'll let you figure out the meaning.  That's always more fun in poetry.

You're the man I never met
Oh maybe I saw you once or twice
How would we know if I've seen you yet?
I never said hello

Walking a straight path on crooked roads
Doesn't lend itself much to love
Every adventure sorted out alone
Should I have looked to the left or right?

Every scene more beautiful than words
With colors in their place they tell
The loveliest story we've ever heard
Yet I never saw your place in it.

Paths among trees stretch for miles
Or suddenly end two feet ahead
The end has been there all the while
I didn't tell it to stop

I looked for you when I left
Expecting you, I saw you in my mind
I saw things worth seeing again and again
But you I didn't find

We were so beautiful
We held hands on hard roads
It would be devastating to learn
You're as imaginary as I am

We were so beautiful
There in my mind
And you were my love
In my imagination

Chances are I never saw you
And if you exist, you never saw me
I thought I died first
But maybe, perhaps, you beat me

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