Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tea of the day: Battle of the Earl Greys

Hey y'all.  So I found out that there are three flavors of earl grey tea at my house, so I'll be doing another battle of the teas.  Once more, Dad will be joining me.  Again, he'll be drinking his with some fake sugar, and I'll be drinking mine black.

Earl grey might be the tea of choice for Starfleet's best captain (judging purely by efficiency, of course), but it's not my favorite.  I don't really care for the flavor of it, as it's too "dark-ish" for my taste.  Which is weird to complain about, considering that I drink my coffee black.  In any case, it's still better than brown rice green tea.

Dad likes it, but he's gone off his earl grey kick and is sort of in a slump about it.  I'm not looking forward to what Dad's comments will be, as he tends to realize he hates things when he takes the time to taste them. The best way to get Dad's opinion about any food or drink is to make him visit someone's house and have to eat it to be polite.

On looking at the ingredients, they all seem pretty similar.  I guess it comes down to quality of tea, then.  And what the frig is oil of bergamot?  My spell checker doesn't even consider that a word.

Onto the competition!

#1 Competitor: HT Traders Earl Grey
Ingredients: Black tea, oil of bergamot (?)
Dad's prediction:  At least medium.
- After smelling bag: It's okay.
My prediction:  I'm not impressed by this brand.
- After smelling bag:  Kind of "silvery" smelling.  I like it.

Dad's comment:
 "I just love it.  A good, solid tea."  It's a good tea, but doesn't want to make him dance with the tea fairies in utter delight.

My comment:
Definitely a good, solid tea with a crisp flavor, and it's not too strong.  Quite tolerable for an earl grey.

#2 Competitor: Bentley's Earl Grey
Ingredients: Chinese green tea, oil of bergamot
Dad's prediction:  "I'll like it a little less."
- After smelling bag:  "Pyew!  Yuck!  Startling!"
My prediction:  Eh, Bentley's goes up and down, really defying prediction.
- After smelling bag:  Huh, kind of a sweet smell.

Dad's comment:
It's almost as good as the first.  Not bad at all.  Lighter than the first.

My comment:
Ew.  Kind of a sour taste to it.  Spicier than the first.  Bit like soap.  Not the best. Drinkable, barely.

#3 Competitor: Boston Tea Company Earl Grey
Ingredients: Chinese and Indian black teas, oil of bergamot
Dad's prediction: Better than the second, not as good as the first.
- After smelling bag:  "Oooh, smells good."
My prediction:  BTC is a consistent brand.  It'll prolly be decent.
- After smelling bag: Hm, smells like earl grey.

Dad's comment:
"This is wonderful." Not the one Captain Picard would drink because it's not bold enough.  Very smooth.

My comment:
Hm...refreshing, gentle.  Nice and citrus-y without being a circus of spice.  Actually quite good.

Apparently bergamot is a specific kind of orange, and oil of bergamot comes from the rind.  And it's used in perfumes.  Which would explain why drinking earl grey is a bit like drinking perfume, though not quite so much as one in the orange spice competition I posted last week.

Okay, I guess it turns out that I like earl grey after all, sort of.  Or maybe I can just tolerate the better version.  Since Dad likes the Bentley's earl grey, he can have it.  Yuck.

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