Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why I Don't Believe in Global Warming

Hey y'all.  Just thought I'd muse over a thing for a bit.  People these days have their panties all up in a wad over the climate change bullcrap, and honestly, it's getting to the point where we've got to stop accepting something just because a newsman says it.

Has anyone ever read 1984 by George Orwell?  There's a part near the beginning that describes a news announcer saying that the chocolate ration is being reduced.  The very next day, it's announced that chocolate rations did not go down to their current number, but raised up to it.  That's pretty much how global warming has been throughout the past century.  People have been saying the earth is getting hotter, then we're going to have an ice age, then hotter, cold, and now back to hot.  My parents had various old books in our house as we grew up, and I remember reading in one that earth was in fact heading to another ice age.

Someone told me that science was correcting itself, but going back and forth is not correction.  You'd think we'd either get it after a couple of mistakes or else consider that the environmental evidence causing scientists to go back and forth is really evidence of something other than what we assume it is.  It's clear that more thought is needed to assess what the heck is going on with the earth's temperature.  After all, more pollution is produced by volcanoes than mankind, and more by cows than by cars (I'm not making that up, either).

Now, all these things you'd have to know a little history for, but they're not really the main reason I don't look twice at climate change.  It's just that everyone has been going crazy for it lately, "suggesting" that we adopt major economic and social changes based on minimal evidence that apparently has been confusing scientists for the past one hundred years.  Environmentalists put pressure through the media and through schools, insisting that anyone who isn't a believer in global warming is an irresponsible neo-conservative (and I would like to point out that "neo-conservative" has no real-world meaning, but is simply a word created to use specifically for slander).

Thing is, all this pressure and attention arouses the suspicion of my logic.  People over time have been freaking out over every little thing.  Diet Coke causes cancer, cell phones cause cancer, genetically modified food will kill us all, Y2K will screw up computers, killer bees are taking over America, etc.  I realize that all of these things have different sources, but I've been hearing them for so long with so little evidence (my brother actually disproved Y2K on our home computer years before it happened), that I can't be bothered to care anymore.  I simply don't don't give a flying rat crap anymore.

The news is ridden with things that are bad or horrible, or things that we should watch out for.  You know what?  I don't want to live in a culture of fear, or a culture where I have to be suspicious of every person, place, and business.  I know people who live this way, and it makes them intolerable to be around.  So now the natural consequence of this is that I simply cannot believe anything the media says, simply because it has failed to be accurate so many times before, and even when it is accurate, it does not produce healthy attitudes in people.

Environmentalists, if you want people to take you seriously, then stop it with all this "the sky is falling" nonsense.  If you say that people should recycle to save resources or not litter so we can have good parks, that's cool.  Personal responsibility is a good attitude to have.  But if you keep on with this idea that the whole world is doomed if we don't all buy electric cars, I simply can't take you seriously.  It's not that conservatives, independents, and unfooled liberals hate the environment, it's just gotten to the point where you've abandoned responsibility and care for the earth for the sake of just being able to condemn your political enemies for not being exactly like you.

What really pisses me off is that people contribute millions of dollars to environmental groups, never knowing that real and evident problems need their attention.  Sex trafficking is a horrible thing that effects every country in the world, and that anyone should be angry at me for preferring to donate to rescuing girls than some species of owl is not only despicable, but just plain evil.

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