Friday, May 10, 2013

Personality Environment Type: the Open Seas

Hey y'all.  Here's another environment type blog.  Yeah, I'm still alive, just been working on finals and whatnot, but I'm about to have a week off from school, so I plan on getting a lot of writing done in the meantime.

So let's go over the next personality type.  It's time for the high seas!

Open seas types:
- Thrive on exhiliration
- Are not able to handle restrictive authority
- Love exploring; constantly in motion
- Have trouble settling down
- Have a farsighted mentality
- Are firmly independent. 
- Don't dwell on things

The key word to any open seas type is independence.  He doesn't want to be held down or made to listen to any restrictive authority.  However, he is not a rebel type, and prefers avoiding prolonged confrontation to combating authority.  The open seaman prefers his own freedom, and let everyone else have whatever lives they want, provided it doesn't infringe on the seaman's independence.

Open seas people are very farsighted in perspective, and by this I mean they are constantly looking elsewhere, to the detriment of those near them.  If you think about it, this makes perfect sense.  If you are a sailor on the seas, what are you going to see?  Nothing but water for miles.  Thus, the thoughts of a sailor don't dwell on his current location, but rather his destination, a future activity such as crab fishing, or the stars.  The open sea type thus finds himself constantly in thought, developing perspectives on life and work as he waits patiently for whatever his
destination is -- most open sea types aren't in a rush to get there.

Many times a person on the open seas will be able to be content in his boat, being in a world of his own making rather than a world full of urban confusion.  They are fluid people, and have a hard time with confrontations.  Thus they get a boat, where the direction is determined by them and only them, and everything on the boat is something they chose to bring aboard.  Open sea types love options and escapes, and this drives them toward finding new places, leaving the old world (however they define "old world") behind.

While, like the beachgoers, open sea people love exhilaration, they don't live for it.  Open sea people are usually pretty relaxed, either calmly enjoying their surroundings or concentrating on the work it takes to both survive and control their ship on the water.  They are offended most by ignorance and disobedience, primarily when it comes to controlling the boat.  The boat is their world, and they don't like people messing with it, and unlike the forest or space, it can be messed with.  Normally, however, they're pretty pleasant, if a bit crusty.  They often tease those that don't share their love for adventure and desire for escape from the rat race.

Notedly, you don't have to own a boat or go sailing to be an open seas type.  It's characterized by independence and a desire for freedom, which many people stuck in boring jobs can sympathize with.  Dating people of this type - particularly their men - can be a bit hazardous given their natural desires to not settle down.  So long as one is adventurous, it should be fine, though.  Just be aware and respect yourself; don't get used and left behind.

Most of this group tends to be men.  I have observed throughout life that it's usually women that will notice changes in the quality of life (things like less income, not enough shoes, improper clothing, house maintenance, etc) and thus we don't particularly care to be stuck on a boat for months with nothing but blue for scenery.  Men, however, have the ability to shut down their minds for a rest, so the calm surroundings of the open sea are conducive to relaxation and meditative thought.  Women, I've noticed, tend to have trouble relaxing because our brains just run too much, and quiet sitting many times invites thoughts of all the things we need to do but haven't done yet.  It's really annoying.  This doesn't mean women don't also enjoy exploring, but when we do so it is usually not as the open sea type.

Thus, the open sea type is generally a manly sort of thing, proved also by the physical labor involved in working on a boat.  It is considered a masculine task, and all those who do it consider themselves strong.  Physical activity is seen as a cleansing sort of meditation, freeing the man from wandering thoughts on confusing ideology, politics, and social norms.  It is extremely difficult to sway the open sea type from his opinions, and rather than argue with you he'll just go away, cleansing himself through labor your arguments, if they offended him.

Overall, the open sea type is not so common as others, but is highly entertaining and fun to listen to.  Avoid taking them too seriously and trying to change them so much, but rather enjoy their opinions and smile at their exploits.  It's hard not to.  A good example of this is the man Georgi Tenno, a navy man of the past century who was arrested and put into the Soviet Union's prison camp system.  He was a "committed escaper", a prisoner so uncontrollable that the Soviets had no choice but to separate him from the rest of the prisoners.  He is the only person brave enough to have aided Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in writing The Gulag Archipelago, a massive, three-volume work that exposes the Soviet Union prison system for what it was.  There you see the full personality of the open sea type, both his striving for freedom and absolute stubbornness as he describes his escape from prison camp.

It may seem that the open sea type is hurtful, because they are so independent minded.  Often they don't think of others' opinions, even when they would benefit by doing so.   However, every personality type has its disadvantages, and the glory of the open sea type is that no tyranny can bring them down.  They will always be themselves; no matter how heartless the world may seem or how much the world changes, they will remain rocks of personality, free from cultural maladjustments and poisonous influences.  Even if we are not like them, we can admire their tenacity and remind ourselves that we don't have to be compliant with whatever bad circumstances we have in our lives.

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