Thursday, March 21, 2013

Arc Rose Tips for Life!

Hey y'all.  So this is just my little ramblings of advice I've collected over time.  Maybe it'll come in handy.

1. If you want to buy a Wii, only buy a used one.  People can download games on them, and once the game is downloaded, it stays on the Wii hard drive.  I once saw a used Wii with Super Mario 3, Mario RPG, and one of the Legend of Zelda games on it.  And plus, used consoles are cheaper.

2. If you're going to learn gaelic, keep in mind that language books call Scots gaelic just plain gaelic, while Irish gaelic is simply called irish.  I don't know why.

3. Washing your face in coffee grains does great stuff for your skin.  Just keep it out of your hair if you're a blonde.

4. When a person has a gun, their method works because you are afraid of being shot.  They can manipulate you without even firing once.  Thus, fear of the gun is stronger than the gun itself.  Keep in mind that statistically speaking, even shots fired toward you by professionals at a distance of ten feet are less than fifty percent likely to hit you (Strong on Defense).  In his memoirs War as I Knew It, General Patton often mentioned how merely the sound of bullets was intimidating to both his and enemy soldiers, and how annoying it was that out of all bullets fired, only a small percentage would hit their target.  So basically, my advice is to not get scared and let someone kidnap you just because they have a gun.  If they take you to a second location further from the public, they can get away with more.

5. Passive exercise is a good way to keep yourself thin.  For example, people who fidget burn calories.  A good way I found to strengthen my legs was to sit down, and then take another chair, this one wooden with crossbeams across the legs, and just lift my legs up and down.  I can do this while on my computer.  Other forms of passive exercise include lifting weights (or even just heavy books) while watching TV and using your laptop while standing.  If you can think of a passive activity, you can probably think of an exercise while you're doing it.

6. Study careers in high school and take job aptitude tests too.  Don't be like me and not find out what you want to do with yourself at 25.  I mean, I have long term goals, but none of them really imply specific careers.  Know what you're good at.  For example, are you good at sports, drawing, math, or even something as simple organizing books?  I've found I have a talent for doing really boring things.  Not joking.  I'm going for an accounting certificate now.

7. Learn to ignore certain people.  In life, we should not going around hating each other.  However, practically speaking, there are levels at which we can trust individuals.  Some people are nice, but unable to contain themselves and blab a lot.  Others are too normal or unintuitive, and get weirded out so easily that they are unable to discuss intellectual and artistic ideas.  Sometimes they don't even see the worth of intellectual discourse.  Others hold grudges, and you have to show more concern for their feelings.  Some people, however, are really cool and you can talk about subjects that would be taboo in front of many.  I figure a lot of people know this already, but some don't, and it's always a good idea to evaluate a person's listening ability before trusting them with information.

8. Don't be afraid to go to China.  Apparently some people think it's dangerous over there, but as long as you don't drink the water or start loudly proclaiming that Communism sucks, you'll be alright.  And even in the case of the latter, they're more likely to deport you than hold you there, especially if you come from a major Western country.  Honestly, China is very nice, haggling is a unique experience, and the people are generally cool.  Plus, Hong Kong is like America with Asian people, so if you're still a little weirded out at the thought, go to Hong Kong instead and hang out there.  Maybe cross the border in to mainland China to go to the Blue Mall, also, because that is a very unique experience.  Also, Hong Kong has this little restaurant called Pisces, and they have peanut butter french toast.

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