Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Football: Manning vs. Tebow.

Hey y'all.  So you might not expect that a nerd such as myself would like football, but I do.  It's like a language: it helps you communicate with all kinds of different people.  Someone who is nothing like you but is also a fan of football can be approached by talking about all kinds of football things, even if you're not going for the same team.

I wanted just to make a little comment on stuff going on in the Denver Bronco realm.  Yes, they are my team, and have been basically since I was born.  I am a little sad about them getting rid of Tim Tebow, but honestly, you really can't blame them for wanting a Manning when they had the chance.  It's just business.

In any case, as you know, the Denver Broncos lost their playoff bid this past Saturday.  I'm actually pretty upset at this, as it was my brother's wedding, and it would have been a very nice cherry on top of the day if the Broncos had actually won.  For the first half of the game, my brother actually pulled a tv out of the trunk of his car and let us watch the game at his own reception.  The people at the wedding, though from several different states, were all Bronco fans (or football indifferent). 

It would have been too good if Manning had actually pulled it off.  But no.  He threw two interceptions, one enabling a quick score in the first quarter, and another in overtime that cost them the game.  Granted, the game sounded pretty exciting (I was at a restaurant for the second half, and we were checking twitter for scores) as the scores were tied for most of the game.  Until Manning's last interception.  My only consolation was that Tim Tebow has more playoff wins than Manning.

I like Tim Tebow.  He's a cool guy, and well, kinda cute.  Kinda really cute.  I think it was sort of ghetto for Denver to boot him out (come on, he took you from a losing season to the playoffs!) and extremely ghetto for the Jets to ignore him.  I hope a team will keep him around for a while and let him show off his stuff.  Come on, Elway, does anyone have to remind you what you were like your rookie year?

So Peter Tebow, Tim's brother, makes a comment on Twitter about Tebow doing better in the playoffs than Manning.  And then the next day he apologizes, because honestly, it's not really the best thing to say for someone so closely involved.  However, I support his right to say it.  That is exactly how many football fans feel.  Manning's sudden inclusion on the team jolted a lot of people, even who weren't necessarily Tebow fans.  Thus, he has to justify himself.  I kinda thought it would be a lot easier for him, but maybe the Ravens just knew what they were doing or something.

Anyway, football fans are nuts.  Have you heard the kinds of things Skip Bayless and his fellow commenters say?  Sometimes the truth is biased.  And it's the simple truth that Tebow has more playoff wins than Manning.  And if some of us smile at this, well, let us have our summer.  There's always next year for Manning. 

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