Monday, September 13, 2010

Introduction - Hey Y'all

Hello.  Nice to meet you.  Well, since you clicked on this blog you obviously want to know who is talking to ya, so here you are.

I'm from Fayettenam, I'm in my twenties, and obviously I must be a chick if I won't tell you my specific age.  My hobbies include writing, walking, watching youtube, and determining people's personalities from their favorite Starcraft characters -- though this is on hold for now, because I haven't yet played Starcraft 2.

This blog right here is for my literary side, and I'm hoping to get into the habit of updating it regularly.  But since I'm also hoping to write a novel and I have a job, I'm not sure how it's going to work out.  Let's see how it does!

Okay, there's going to be three types of entries.  The most regular one will be "Music You Might Not Have Heard" and it will be going up on Saturdays.  Notedly, this was something I tried to get started on another blog, but unfortunately google isn't letting me access my account.  It thinks that I'm not me.   Grr.  Anyway, these posts will be about the music I listen to that nobody else seems to.  Ever heard of Ofra Haza?  MC Mong?  L.A. Style?  Tricky Disco? No?  No surprise here.  I will educate you on the ways of the demi-underground, lol.

My next entries will be about the books I read, a webcomic I recommend, or movies I want to review.  I like to talk, so yeah.  No set day for these, though I'll try to work something out later.  I go to the library often and I work in a bookstore, so expect more books than anything else.

The entries closest to my heart will be the "Write Club" series, where I shall tell you what I have learned about not sucking at writing fiction.  These may or may not involve the book reviews, but unless a book sucks so bad or rocks so good and I want to tell you exactly what makes them good or bad, I likely won't put that in this section.

Okay, so that's me, and any personal questions that don't pertain to any other post can be put here for answering.

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