Saturday, September 26, 2015

Me and Aldaris Season 2 (p1): Welcome Back

I yawned, stretching out over my bed with a smile.  It's kind of annoying to do that, considering that my bed is kinda small, so every time I stretch when I'm not on the exact top of the bed means my feet get to stretch over the side and allow cold air into my sleepytime cuccoon.  But whatever, that's my one complaint.  It was the first day after my graduation: associates in accounting.  Huzzah!  No class to go to or test to make up!  Now I only have to study my korean, write a bunch of stories that I can get published, and study my textbooks so that I don't forget anything important.  And get a job that doesn't entail shelving books, food service, or customer interaction in general.  Bring on an office in the back and tedious paperwork!  Hooray!

But today, the happiness of sleeping in.  Or it would be, if my body didn't force me up at nine in the morning.  That's sleeping in for some people.  For the time being, I just got out of bed and put some real clothes on.  Y'know, I really need to sleep in my clothes until I know for sure Aldaris' teleporter is fixed.  I ran downstairs to the kitchen for to caffeinate that thought out of my brain.  That works, right?

"I need more Infected Mushroom in my life." I said out loud as I loaded the coffee maker, even though I live alone.  "Computer, summon the internet and make it so."

Because my computer is not from the twenty-third century, it does no such thing.  So I typed up some videos and got them playing.  I really need to get Infected Mushroom's cds.  Even though I can listen to them on the internet, I'd much rather just own the discs.  It's kind of annoying to depend on the internet to listen to what I want.  That, and I want to support my favorite band.

Ah, the life.  I sank into a comfortable evening of fixing cover letters, writing stories, and doing whatever random internet nonsense amused me.  Not to mention that Infected Mushroom had released a sample of one of their songs on the internet  Yay, psytrance glee!  I don't know how long I sat there, but eventually Aldaris contacted my head.  I wonder how he does that.  Maybe something on his ship amplifies his brainpower, or something.

"Bethany, you have been listening to that same song for over an hour." he snapped out of nowhere.  "How can you not tire of it?"

"Uh....may I ask how you know?"

"I have been trying to contact you for some time.  You appeared to be occupied."

"Oh,'s up?"

"As you know, my recall unit has not performed to standard since my arrival here.  Having tried as much as possible to keep it under control, I remain at a loss to a proper solution."

I chuckled.  "You don't want me to help you fix it again, do you?"

It was a joke, but the animosity coming down into my brain felt exactly like one of Charlie's classic staredowns.  But it passed quickly.  I guess Aldaris didn't like thinking about the time I apparently nearly electricuted myself while trying to move some rotting oranges from his ship.  Yeah, that was a thing.  I'm still not convinced oranges are all that good at conducting electricity.

"As I was saying," Aldaris near growled, shoving my thoughts in a relevant direction.  "The need to remain in control of the recall unit is clearly observable.  I am forced into creative techniques to maintain its neutrality, but until I am certain of the effectivity of these measures, I must have means of securing the four of you."

"Mm'kay.  What do I need to do?"

"Protoss technology does not run by means a human would understand.  It has a more open approach in its functionality.  Thus, understanding your mind shall make it easier if it malfunctions once more.  To do this, I must have something you possess.  An item of great significance to you as an individual can aid the computer in this endeavor."

"Uh, how would that work?  Objects don't have minds."

"I see that in all areas concerning technology, I must repeat myself to you: this is something beyond your meager understanding.  Had I all of time and greater patience, perhaps I might elaborate to the extent that you might grasp the general principle.  As it is, I have neither, and must ask you to simply select something dear to you, but you may for a time allow me to borrow."

"Technically, you have plenty of time.  Unless you're closer than I think you are to going home."

"Are the remaining years of my life long enough to teach you?  Were that enough, still your years would end first.  That likewise assumes that you will not use this knowledge for foolhardy endeavors."

"...Charlie, I'm not as dumb as you think I am."

"Be that as it may, can you do as I ask?"

"Yeah, I think I have something that can do the trick."

"Think over it carefully.  Within the week I will contact you again on this matter."

By that point, the Animatronica preview I'd been listening to ended.  I clicked to the beginning of the video so that I could once more hear the beautiful art of Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani.  So purty.

"...Please do not select a recording of that music as your item."

I laughed.  "You're in luck, Charlie.  This album isn't out yet."

"Very well, then."

Aaaand Charlie was out of there.  Sheesh, why can't a bro appreciate the artistry of Infected Mushroom?


Author's notes:

Alright, so we've reached season 2 of this thing.  Because I hate people having to go back to the previous story just to keep up with what's going on, here's a quick summary of what happened last time.  Fortunately, there's not too many details.

- Judicator Aldaris has been sent to Earth of our day, and no one has answered his transmissions he's been sending out to space.  There is no evidence of other Protoss here.

- Aldaris' presence is not known to Earth, except to me and three friends because he accidentally teleported us all on his arbiter when he first arrived and his ship was totally out of control.  He's working on it, but since he's not the most mechanically minded, we humans have suffered accidental trips to various places, particularly China.

- John Statkus is from California, and he's dating a girl named Tanya.  His attempt to catch Aldaris on film was thwarted, and now he's seemingly content to say nothing.  Statkus is a cranky materialist, but generally means well.  He made a video we made of Aldaris just in case something goes wrong.  I am the current holder of this cassette tape (older camera model). 

- Toby Collins is a black guy from London (hot accent, what what), who works in a geek novelty shop.  He's got no intention of ratting out Aldaris, because he loves being friends with an alien.  Huge Dr. Who fan, covert brony, recent discoverer of Starcraft.  He's the only one that truly likes Starcraft 2.

- Lee Cheonha is a North Korean who was inadvertently rescued by Aldaris the day he arrived. After I convinced Aldaris to send her to Seoul, she lives a quiet life there, still on her one year of government support.  She speaks only a few words of english, and as a result we know nothing about her and can't tell her to keep things under her hat.  However, she does know that Aldaris is from Starcraft, and the weirdness of that keeps her from saying anything to anyone else.  Because of teleporter mishaps, she now owns a hamster named Pappa.  Despite keeping to herself, she does have a friend named Choi Eunha, who is the only reason Cheonha ever leaves her apartment for non-grocery reasons.

Also, Infected Mushroom's latest album isn't out yet, but you can listen to it here if you remove the spaces:

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