Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Update

Hey y'all.  Sorry I'm a bit late with the update.  I do hope to have my post up tonight, where I'll finally be ridding myself of the Dark Templar Saga.  But that can stay in its own thread.  Also, I did find another Starcraft book by Christie Golden at work, only I've lost my taste for going on about Starcraft novels for now.  I want to go on about something that is good for once, or at least something I like.  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is a writer I highly admire, so possibly I'll talk about one of his works, or about how interesting Robert Heinlein's Farmer in the Sky is.  To me, anyway.  I don't think it's the sort of book that modern audiences would be too interested in, but hey, there's fun in ranting about obscure stories.

You know what I haven't done in a long time?  A Top Ten Top Ten.  I will be doing, and hopefully have up by next Saturday, a Top Ten Top Ten of Youtube's favorite robot masters from Mega Man.  I know, that's a bit of a niche topic when MM is a very hard franchise to keep going, in light of its now strange story and far too familiar gameplay style.  Thus, the fanbase has gone down somewhat.  Still, it's a franchise I'll always love, and will continue to write about.  As the mood strikes me.  Besides, I know there's people out there who love Mega Man as much as I do.  Oh, and if it gets delayed, I'll just make up my own top ten list and post the Top Ten Top Ten in the middle of the week.

As for my Me and Aldaris fiction, I'll continue it, but I was doing far too much slacking this summer (very important slacking, mind you) to work on it as much as I wanted.  That, and I'm regretting some of the choices I made in the direction of the story.  Bluntly, I feel I should have shown more of Aldaris' abrasive personality.  While his actions in the story are more or less what I think he would do if he showed up in our world, there's always that unpredictability factor in realistic characters.  That, and the plot would make more sense if I had written it in a shorter timeline.  There's no way anyone wants to spend months in a spaceship.

In any case, I will continue it, working here and there to get a post up every so often.  I just have to work on publishable stuff these days, and M+A is low priority right at the moment.  I still like the story, though, and I have an idea how to end the first chunk of it.  This is turning into another of my fanfiction obsessions, where a simple story about a character becomes a five part story.  Yeesh.  Well, if I can accumulate some fans for it and make Aldaris the civilized jerk he really is, then it can still be a fun thing for the blog.

In any case, my next blog should be up later tonight.  Until then!

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