Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nitpickery: Pepsico

Hey y'all.  So I found out a bit ago that Pepsico has supposedly been using fetal cells in their products. Because that is clearly hyperbole, I looked further.  At this point they have no fetal cells, but they are associated with Senomyx, a company that uses fetal kidney cells to develop and test flavors.  No, I'm not joking.

I remember not to long ago having a conversation with Glynnis Campbell about genetically modified food. She was very much against it, but I was fairly indifferent.  Play around with corn genes?  Whatever.  I don't care.  I didn't expect to have to join her side of the matter.  Until I found out about this, genetic modification was only an issue for those who are afraid of it, or vegans/vegetarians worried about meat-based flavors in their food.  We are now on scale 2, where they think it's okay to put "flavor enhancers" -- which apparently don't need to be listed on the label -- in foods which are based on fetal cells.

How long until stage 3, where we're actually eating human matter?

I've done the research on this, and it's very obvious that this is real.  Doctors are commenting on it (see second link) and it's all over the place.  What worries me a lot is that the media is ignoring it.  I know that not too many people read my blog, but all the same I do want to spread the word.  If you want to join my "Ban Pepsico" diet, here are the brand names of products you should avoid.  I feel thinner already.

Starbucks (bottled products, not their barista-made stuff)
Lays  Cheetos  Ruffles  Tostitos
Walkers  7up   Doritos   Gatorade
Lipton   Sabra   Naked   Sunbites
Tropicana   Stacy's   Fritos   Red Rock Deli
Mirinda   Brisk  Sierra mist  Muller
Alvalle   H2OH   SoBe   Grain Waves
Propel   Duyvis   Nestle   Kraft
Firmenich  Ajinomoto

Oh, and here's a list of confirmed other products that use the additives associated with Senomyx:

Y'know, people like to pretend that we are better than our ancestors.  They like to go all Star Trek and say we've risen above ourselves to become extra-moral creatures with high levels of intelligence.  Then I look at things like abortion, where we kill our young for our own convenience, and realize that we are no better than those who, centuries ago, sacrificed their children to Molech.  Humanity today is exactly the same as in that age.

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