Friday, December 27, 2013

Tea of the Day: French Vanilla and Ginger Peach

Hey y'all.  So does anyone know why they call it French vanilla?  What's so French about it?  At the coffeeshop I used to work at, "French" vanilla meant adding a shot of hazelnut to the latte.  Huh.  Hazelnut's not bad.  Get it in your next latte when you get a chance.  Though I have no idea if that's in this tea.  Um....

*looks at package* Okay, Chinese and Indian black tea, and also vanilla flavoring.  No hazelnut.  And also no indication of what's so French about it, other than the name.  Note that this is from the Bentley's tea, and that the Boston Tea Company box didn't come with vanilla.  Which is fine with me, as that means I get more flavors.

In any case, this isn't a bad tea.  It's quite good, and unlike the pomegranate Bentley's, it wasn't too strong. I'm not one for sweet flavors, so having a balanced level of vanilla is key.  It's definitely enough vanilla flavoring, though.  I had some vanilla almond from the Republic of Tea a bit ago, and there was nowhere near enough flavor there.  I couldn't really tell what it was, even when leaving the bag in for a while.  Bentley's, however, is something that I'm proud to serve to others and say that it's vanilla.  Even though it's not at all French.

This must be the anti-Republic of Tea post.  To make it even, I tried Boston Tea Company's Ginger Peach.  And it was amazing.  I wasn't so sure before I made the cup, because the Republic of Tea version that I had some time ago was just nasty by comparison.  There was too much green and too little ginger peach.  Boston Tea Company, on the other hand, had a perfectly balanced flavor that was an improvement on its pomegranate.  The ginger peach was not only noticeable, but very good and tasty.  Even leaving the bag in the cup didn't make it too strong.  I'm starting to think that Republic of Tea cares more about its packaging than its teas.

So yeah.  Thumbs up on both Boston Tea Company and Bentley's this go round.

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