Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Me and Aldaris (p13): Just a Chat

Nissa has entered the chatroom.

Nissa: Moo.  Where are you guys?
Moo.  Moooo.
I hate time zone differences.

Nissa: I'm bored
Ori Dori 
Kili fili
Oin Gloin
Balin Dwalin
Bifur Bofur Bombur
Uh....There's Thorin of course.
Um, that's only twelve. I'm missing one.

Statkus has entered the chatroom.

Nissa: Hey
Your chat name is your real name?

Statkus: Hello.
I don't like fake names.

Nissa: Why not?  They're fun.

Statkus: Meh.  Any news on the alien front?

Nissa:  Yeah
He said that he just wants to figure out how to leave and go
but he also wants to know more about Blizzard.

Statkus: Find out anthing?

Nissa: Not really
Hard to get information on Blizz that's online
Interviews don't tell much
Mostly warcraft

Statkus: i haven't played that in years

Nissa: you live in Cali
Can you go to Irvine?

Statkus: Oh sure, I find the building that's Blizzard
And then go in and ask if I can find out why they made starcraft?

Dr. Whoovian has entered the chatroom.

Dr. Whoovian: 'ello
what is going on?

Nissa: nm
I showed Charlie the Protoss missions

Statkus: This is a "lolspeak" free zone
And that's "nevermind", not "not much"

Dr. Whoovian: ooh, he didnt freak about dying?
stfu statkus

Nissa: lol rofl 

Statkus: ....

Nissa: nah, Charlie was...calm, I guess.  More mad at Zeratul than anything else.

Dr. Whoovian: zeratul?
whats he mad at zer for?

Nissa: Besides the whole Aiur thing
he's mad at Zer for listening to Kerri
thinks he should have known better

Statkus: Zeratul should have, maybe.
I don't know, we weren't there

Nissa: Thing is, if you're an infested human who just got free of the Zerg Overmind, wouldn't you try and go find your human friends instead of trying to be buddy buddy with Toss?  
The only Toss Kerri really knows are people who hate her.

Dr. Whoovian: good point.  
i didn't think of that.

Nissa: did you beat the game yet?

Dr. Whoovian: i cheated my way through
just to see the story
i'm still on the toss missions on my non-cheat run

Statkus: What did you say?

Nissa: what?

Statkus: when Charlie said that he just wanted to fix his ship and leave?

Nissa: I said I'd talk to you guys
But it sounded like a good idea to me

Statkus: ...

Dr. Whoovian: i don't know

Statkus: I know you like him or something, but he hasn't hearend our trust yet

Dr. Whoovian: i wish i could talk to him
i don't really know what to do at all.

Statkus: You saw Protoss missions, right, Toby?

Dr. Whoovian: yes
charlie's a jerk

Statkus: I know....

Dr. Whoovian: i mean, i like aliens and things
but i didn't think the first alien i met would be someone who thinks tassadar should have killed more humans

Nissa: That was because the human worlds were infested
and Charlie thought blasting them would get rid fo the problem.

Statkus: ...Excuse me while I bang my head into my desk.

Nissa: The confederacy let the zerg rise up.  Their fault.

Statkus: So you're just going to trust this guy to not cause trouble?

Nissa: what trouble would he cause?  I've already discussed things with him
If this is his past timeline, he'll only ensure humans learn anti-Toss technology
If this isn't his past timeline, he won't do anything at all

Dr. Whoovian: that's what i thought

Nissa: Even though his morals are different from ours, he has morals.
Prolly won't shoot us

Dr. Whoovian: he's kind of a prude
he might shoot at porn sattelites

Nissa: that's hilarious.  I approve

Statkus:  ...Bethany, whose side are you on?

Nissa: I'm on nobody's side, because nobody's on my side

Dr. Whoovian: lol
lotr ref

Statkus: Yes, that's for sure.  

Nissa: Well, I wanted to talk to you guys because I wanted to know if you could see a problem with his plan.
You know, him staying until he can get back

Statkus: How fast can he get the ship fixed?

Nissa: he doesn't know.  Seems pretty confident about it.

Statkus: We don't have the authority to give him permission.

Dr. Whoovian: does anybody?
nobody owns space

Nissa: My question is, no matter who gives permission, is there something inherently harmful in letting him hang out in space?

Statkus: The United Nations should say if he can.

Nissa: The WHAT?  
The UN is a pile of useless beauracrats who waste money and time.

Statkus: They're the only multi-national authority.

Nissa: The only thing they're good at is talking trash about Israel and supporting suicide bombers
Don't care.  They've accomplished nothing.

Statkus: Paranoid.
To answer your question, Charlie isn't the sort of person who leaves well enough alone.

Dr. Whoovian: he's got a bad temper

Statkus: I think if we leave Charlie there he's going to do something we don't like.
Soon enough something's going to irritate him.

Nissa: Okay, so wht's the solution to that?

Statkus: We have to keep an eye on him.
No deal unless that.

Nissa: Do we know who to contact in the government just in case?

Statkus: There's lots of UFO sightings organizations
I think they'll listen
We just won't say Protoss.

Nissa: email me a list.

Statkus: No, I can copy/paste
Local law enforcement agencies
HBCC UFO Research
National UFO Reporting Center
Mutual UFO Network
Center for UFO Studies

Sightings Report

Nissa:  handy
Write up a letter for them

Statkus: Trust me, I have.
I'm also copy/pasting all conversations we have on the topic

Dr. Whoovian: i can contact the telegraph
the media would love a story on aliens

Statkus: Great.

Dr. Whoovian: it would be an absolute sensation

Statkus: We just need evidence.

Nissa: Evidence?
I already told Charlie I wasn't going to steal his stuff.

Statkus: No.
He might catch you.
Just pictures and video.

Nissa: I don't know...
I want him to feel like he can trust me
Not like he's a prisoner or something.

Statkus: The trouble with your plan is that there's no consideration in case of emergency.
What do we do if he doesn't listen?

Dr. Whoovian: he's hundreds of years old
is he really going to listen to anyone?

Statkus: So you agree with Bethany, then?

Dr. Whoovian: i think so
it's better to get him on our side
if we can

Statkus: This is Aldaris we're talking about.
He's too stubborn.

Dr. Whoovian: exactly
so we shouldn't force him to do anything
make him think he's being nice on his own

Statkus: And how do we do that?

Dr. Whoovian:  idk
i wish he would talk to me

Statkus: Life is not Dr. Who.
The chances of something going horribly wrong are pretty high.

Nissa: And they wouldn't be if we tried to film him?

Statkus: We just need to be prepared

Dr. Whoovian: it's pretty hard to prepare against someone who can read your mind

Nissa: My point exactly.

Statkus: So we just wait until he does something wrong, then?

Nissa: Negotiations are complex things.

Statkus: I wish the one he talked to the most wasn't the most flaky person in the group.

Nissa: Hey!
you had your chance.

Statkus: ...Whatever.  Just let him know he's not going to get away with anything stupid.

Nissa: I'll try.

Statkus:  I have to go.  My girlfriend is here.

Nissa: 'k
See you later

Dr. Whoovian:  bye

Statkus has left the chatroom.

Nissa: Dr. Whoovian?

Dr. Whoovian: ?


Dr. Whoovian:  lol.
and proud of it
i wonder what charlie is doing right now

Nissa: Dunno
maybe bored out of his mind

Dr. Whoovian: i would be pretty bored too
i don't want to be on a ship forever.

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