Monday, September 10, 2012

Write Club: Announcement!

Hey y'all.  So as it turns out, I'm going to be doing a small group about writing, and naturally, it's going to be called Write Club.  I'm going to be posting all of the things I go over in the group on this blog, both as a way for members to review stuff and to rant in detail the way I really can't when the group itself is going to be meeting.  Other people like to talk too, and that kinda ruins the plans to rant, y'know?  Also, this is for my internet readers to also drill themselves and connect with my group even though they don't live nearby.

There was a Connections Night at my church where I could do a display on my group and show off what the group was about.  For the record, it's about building up one's creative ability so that members of the group will be able to write even when they feel uninspired.  Writing is like a muscle.  You use a muscle a lot, and it gets stronger.  The main focus on these next weeks of the group (we're meeting every Wednesday) is to produce wordcount.  It's less about editing and publishing and more about forcing yourself to sit and type up some words.  It's the same problem with every writer.  To be a novelist, you actually have to sit there and type it all up.  The computer doesn't pick up telepathic thought.

The main attraction of my display was that I was having little mini contests, and the winner would receive a journal.  I was able to put up three such challenges in the time allotted.  I put them here for you to see and to inspire your own creativity.

1. Finish this rhyme: "Roses are red, violets are blue..."

One of the things that annoyed me about this was that a lot of the people who wrote their answers down on the pads I offered was that they kept writing trite, cute little endings.  Just because we were in a church at the time doesn't mean they each have to be sugary sweet.  I know it's a love poem, but love poems can be creative too.

2. Write a sentence with the words "loyal to fudge" in it.

I was really proud of this prompt.  There were a couple of people who said, "I'm loyal to fudge because it's tasty", but people really branched out for this one.  There was even a guy who wrote a little mini story on his notepad for it.

3. Describe a pizza without saying "pizza".

This one could have been a better prompt.  I just wanted to do a more simple prompt for the purpose of the evening.  A lot of people, unfortunately, simply listed a bunch of toppings -- though one girl described tomatoes as "sweaty", and that was funny.  Another girl put lots of attitude into her writing style, so of course she had to win.  As every creative writer knows, it's not so much about describing a thing that counts, but describing it entertainingly.

So yeah.  Put a comment down if you want to exercise your creativity in the prompts.  It's not a contest, but it will stretch you as a writer, so there you go.

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