Sunday, March 18, 2012

Critic Critique: Jeremy Jahns

Hey y'all.  One of the things I like to do as a nerd is think.  And think some more.  One of the things I like to think about is movies.  So I tend to look around at different reviewers and see if they recommend the latest release.  I like to hear people's opinions.  Admittedly, I love it when people bash a movie, but that's neither here nor there.  Point is, from time to time the reviewers have led me wrong, and encouraged me to see movies that suck.  Or at least, movies that I could not possibly enjoy.  There's a difference.  So then it occurred to me that everyone needs a different critic, one that can answer whether or not they should watch a movie.  Since different people have different standards, there needs to be a critic for every type of person.

Hence the Jeremy Jahns.  I've been subscribed to him on youtube almost since he's been posting videos, and he's been greatly entertaining.  Especially considering that some of his earlier videos are complete bashes, which I love far too much.  However, is he a good critic for you?

Jeremy Jahns started out on Youtube as Movieman191, and in fact you actually have to go to that channel to access some of my favorite reviews.  He started this channel basically because he wanted to rant about Transformers 2.  Good enough reason to me, but I personally wanted to rant about Transformers 1 and how much that sucked.  I, however, don't have a camera.  But Jeremy does, and so he goes ahead and shares his opinion online.

So, what's the deal with Jeremy?  Is he also a movie-hating literary psycho that likes to hate on everything that comes out?  Not at all.  He's quite normal.  He likes to talk about movies, he enjoys good action, acting, and...well, hot chicks.  He's a dude.  What did you expect?  Anyway, Jeremy Jahns does not only movie reviews these days, but also video game reviews.  He sets up the YOU Reviewers Movie Awards where people online decide who really deserves to win awards for their acting, directing, and such.  Unlike the Oscars, where they just give little gold trophies of naked guys to people in movies they want to promote.

One of my favorite things about Jeremy Jahns is his rating system.  He doesn't do a series of stars or the "thumbs up/thumbs down" thing.  He made up one of his own.  It's as follows.

"I'd buy it on Blu-Ray"
"It's a good time, no alcohol required"
"It's okay, but you're not going to remember it in T-13 hours"
"You'd like it, if you knew your friends would never find out."
"It's a good time, if you're drunk"

As you can imagine, the last one isn't actually crap, but this is a family blog.  At least a little bit.

Is Jeremy Jahns for you?  Chances are, yes he is.  I consider Jeremy Jahns to be an every man's reviewer.  He knows how the average dude will feel about a movie and speaks on the movie according to its merits with the average person.  He's knows when a movie is absolute crap, but he knows when to label it that way and when the movie is simply underwhelming.

He's not the most critical of critics, making him only mildly useful for someone like me (my own fault, really), but for the general viewing public, he's actually pretty perfect.  Other reviewers, such as the "Stupid for Movies" guys, tend to think of movies as something that must appeal to them.  Jeremy remembers that most people these days aren't there to nitpick a film to death.  Which I will never understand, because I get great enjoyment from nitpickery.  But most people don't, so Jeremy is perfect.  Unless you're a stuck up chick who only likes those boring dramas where somebody dies in the end.

Jeremy Jahns is your movie critic if you are:
1. Male.
2. The uncritical type with a broad range of enjoyment.
3. Someone who likes action movies.
4. A person just out for a good time.
5. Somebody who likes to watch a guy from Seattle act like a goof as he rants about movies.  Seriously, check out his Muppet movie review.  You will be entertained.

Jeremy Jahns is not your movie critic if you are:
1. A chick flick fan.
2. The critical type.
3. A huge friggin' nerd that can nitpick with the best of them.

But, even if Jeremy isn't for you, he's still pretty entertaining as a person.  Heck, I'm still subscribed to him, and he's not really for me.  At least, he's not really the person who can pick out what movies I like.  Except for Book of Eli.  He got me to see that one, and well, I don't regret it.

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