Monday, December 19, 2011

What's up.

Hey y'all.  I feel really meh at the moment, as I have not won the Blizzard fanfiction writing contest.   Nor got a honorable mention.  Well, I think this was due to my posting the story on, which, after checking the rules, I noticed was not proper.  I think someone tried to warn me, but my pm system on that site shut down.  Crap.  Or else they just didn't like my story.

I think my story, Shadow Falls, was very good.  I'm not too disappointed I lost, as I can construct my sentences somewhat weirdly.  Also, the judges for Blizzard tend to like mildly depressing war stories, not cheerful one shots such as what I wrote.  I wrote a story about a Judicator meeting a little hick girl on the Terran planet Moria, and quite frankly I think it's nice.  I'm not the judge, though, and I can live with this.  I just wish I hadn't posted it, that way I'd know whether I lost by mistake or by flawed writing.

That's life.  Nothing's posted from my short story contest entries, so I'll hold up hope for that.  The stakes and the prizes are higher.  I'm confident in my chances, and I know I'm a good writer.  We'll see what happens with that.

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