Monday, March 14, 2011

Mega Man Robot Master Ratings.

Hey y'all.  I'm sure I've mentioned before that there's a perfect runner on youtube named Roahm Mythril.  In my last music review, I said that I did averages of all the ratings he did for the robot masters and their coinciding level.  Just FYI, here is that list.  Roahm rated each robot master on their difficulty to perfect run and gave them a rating between one and ten.  Here are the averages from highest to lowest.
#1 is a tie between Mega Man and Bass and Mega Man 4 with an average rating of 5.375.

#3 is MM3 with 5.25

#4 is MM2 with a rating of 4.625. And people say it's the hardest game...

#5 is MM9 with a flat average of 4.

#6 is a tie between MM5 and 7 with 3.875.

#8 is MM1 with the average 3.66.

#9 tags right along with 3.625, MM8.

#10 is MM10 at 3.375.

#11 is unsurprisingly MM6 at 3.25.

So, any surprises?

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