Friday, December 3, 2010

Music You've Probably Never Heard - Teapacks

Hey y'all. Time for another episode of music you've probably never heard. Today? More Hebrew pop. This group to me is more entertaining, generally speaking, than Sarit's stuff. It's a group that focuses mostly on europop and jazz, with certain songs in the more techno side of things. I'm talking about Teapacks, an up and coming group whose influence in America will likely grow in the next few years. They are a group comprised of several dorky looking guys, but who isn't entertained by dorking looking guys? They can make good music, and that's what counts.

I heard a song from these guys on a cd I bought that was attempting to illustrate Hebrew music of today. I wasn't too big a fan of most of the songs, but a search on youtube got me hooked on these guys. My only complaint is that while I can check out several Teapacks songs on iTunes, I have a really hard time finding these same songs on youtube, because most of them have hebrew writing, which I can't read. I managed to find a goodly amount of songs, but I'm afraid some are just going to have to be posted with no real explanation.

Let's start with the most popular of their songs, Push the Button. It's a satrical bit with english, hebrew, and french, and it describes the plight of modern Israel: a struggle between peaceful living and trying not to die. There are many bad people around the world threatening to try and blow peaceful people up, and this song both laments and mocks them. It's very europop, very crazy, but very fun also.

Push the Button:

One of my favorite songs by Teapacks, one I was lucky to find at all, was Ve Hapam Shir Ahava, or Love Song This Time. It's a very simple, relaxed song about finding true love and not fake. You will like this song, and even if you don't you'll at least admit that it's well made. I don't really like the music video to it, but I love how it's filmed in an older cinematic style. It sets the mood really well.

Ve Hapam Shir Ahava:

The first Teapacks song I heard was Yesh Li Havera, or I Have a Girlfriend. This song is very modern Jewish in style, in a plunky, almost silly kind of way. It's very fun to sing or hear when you're in a good mood.

Yesh Li Havera:

Now, Teapacks have a sound that's not for everyone, because it's too quirky for people who take music too seriously. But indeed, anyone who has any serious dislike of this band is full of it. Anyway, one of the quirkier songs is Ma Asit, or What Have You Done?. I like this song a lot, and it's one of theirs available on iTunes.

Ma Asit:

Another popular song in Israel is Odd Shabat, or Another Sabbath. It's very fun, and I'm sure you'll like it.

Odd Shabat:

Hatikva (Hope) is my favorite national anthem. As much as I like Star Spangled Banner and A Soldier's Song (Ireland's), I love the humilty and God-seeking nature of Israel's. All by itself it's a beautiful song, anthem or not. Teapacks actually teamed up with Sarit Hadad to create my favorite version of the song, which you really should check out.


Okay, I'm going to admit it. I'm not all that familiar with some of Teapack's songs because of the language barrier. However, while I was trying to search blindly for specific songs on youtube, I came across some that you might like. I don't know them, but if you like this band you'll enjoy these next songs.

I'm really sorry about this, guys. It's so hard to find anything by them on youtube with only english to go by. And I couldn't even find two of my favorite songs, Welcome the Great Crew and Hataklitan (the DJ). However, these guys are so much fun that you can't ignore them. They're perfect for someone who's burnt out on pop crap and yet not dark enough to go venture out into rave. Check 'em out!

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