Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Something Annoying

Hey y'all.

Okay, so I work at a bookstore, and a bunch of the time we get these autobiographies with the most pretentious titles ever.  I really can't stand them.  I mean, they're all like "Me", "My Life", "My Story", or "The True Confessions" of someone I don't care about.  Gah!  Okay peeps, if you're going to write a book about yourself, please don't let it sound like you think you're everything.

I know I like to hang out around fiction, but here's a little exercise for you, just to challenge your skills.  Think about your life, and then come up with the title of a biography for yourself.  The only rule is, you can't use these words:


I've come up with a few for myself, but really since I'm so young it's a bit pretentious to have a title for something like this anyway.  Still, I'm pretty much choosing between "Pass the Ducks", "Stupid Melody", and "Always Hardcore".  Basically I'd have to wait and see how my life really turns out to see which is better. 

Pass the Ducks comes from the Nutcracker song Pas de Deux, which is one of my favorite songs ever.  It's very dramatic, and the daring of the song really makes sense (in my head) with the ridiculous title of my book.  I've always been a combination of extremes, so the silliness plus the seriousness works for me.

This is also why I like Stupid Melody.  It's the title of one of my favorite DJ Redlight songs, and while the only lyrics to the song go "it's just a stupid melody" the song actually argues against itself, sounding a lot more powerful than its title gives it credit for.

I'll admit that Always Hardcore is a bit pretentious on my part.  I like it, but I really wouldn't choose it unless I did something amazing like liberate a Communist country, cure cancer, and bake a tasty raspberry chocolate cake all while juggling mugs of hot coffee.  Hey, you never know.

Well, that's my submissions.  What would make a good title for your story?  Remember, you can't use one of the above words, and you have to title your book in such a way that people would want to buy it.  Also, what would you put on the cover?  Let me know!

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