Saturday, October 9, 2010

Music You've Probably Never Heard Before -- DJ Micro

Hey y'all. It's time for some music you've probably never heard of! This week I'll be talking about a dj whose music for some reason reminds me of Christmas. No, he doesn't do Christmas music (that I know of), but listening to one album in particular always brings up images for me of walking through the light rain with my mom's Christmas present heading home as fast as I could. A guy tried to give me a ride, but I didn't know him.

The artist I'm talking about is DJ Micro. I love his work, and my favorite album of his is My Frequency 001, the aforementioned "Christmas" album. It has several tracks on it that I like, in particular the first four. It starts off strong with Born to Synthesize, a very thematic piece that's intense but not overly hardcore. It's a perfect description of a dj. Listen to it and you will see:

Track two is my favorite of the album, Sun is Coming Out [Intrance Remix]. This is a very motivating piece that is so much fun and energizes you with a bright cheer. I absolutely love it. I can't find the album mix, but here's the mix I could find:

Revolution [Alphazone Remix] is a pumping piece that might scare people off at first. It's hard, intense, but overall a great track. To me it brings back memories of having such a sore throat that I could barely talk around Thanksgiving. Yeah, that was a crazy year. Staying up late plus drinking lots of dark soda will murder your voice, just fyi. The song however, is very intense, and about two and a half minutes in the song really starts kicking in and going nuts. This track is totally party.

Track 4, Screaming Inside (Yatari Vocal Mix) I didn't actually record on my computer. I just felt like it was a bit too weird lyricwise. This song actually has lyrics, and those of you who aren't easily weirded out by the overly poetic techno lyrics will still like it -- I can be weird about that sort of thing. Still, its a very melodius tune and is very relaxing. That's very necessary after the energy of the first four tracks. And it must creep other people out too, 'cause it's not on youtube.

Next is Awakening, a still relaxing song that doesn't quite entrance as well as the previous track. It's nice, energetic, but it feels pretty standard. Don't you think so?

Electro Buzz is back on track with a pulsing beat that really brings to mind adventures and Christmas and cold wind. Or maybe I'm just nuts. I just love the beat.

Blind Visions [Arcadia Club Mix] isn't as good, but it's okay. It's still fitting in with the odd feeling of the album, it just doesn't stand out as well. It's still a lot of fun, though.

Fury is a song I don't like. It's not interesting, sort of annoying, and goes on for seven and a half minutes. It just doesn't have the uniqueness or fun of the majority of the tracks on this cd.

Broken [Pitch and Sulfer's "Back in Time" Remix] is like track 4 in the sense it has silly techno lyrics. In this case they didn't creep me out. It's a good track, but the title is a bit extensive for a track that's not the best ever. It's good and chill, but not great.

I've heard more than one remix of Intensify, so I wasn't really into this when I first heard it. I think I like this mix better, but I still find the song itself to be really corny. It's wonky, so it's a song that some people will really like and others will really dislike. See what you think:

I'm Alone [Ronski Speed Mix] I was immediately drawn to, because Ronski songs are really meditative. The trouble is, this particular song is a little too mellow and drawn out for being at the end of this album. Listening to the whole album and then coming to this song leaves the listener with a sense of exhaustion.

Now, I'd heard another version of Inside of Me, but this one is the Original Vocal Mix. This song was the reason I bought this cd in the first place, because I'd heard the more popular version of this song on internet radio. This version, however, was less pop, and it took me a bit to get used to the difference. First of all, it has verses. For this album it really does need more words, and it really brings together the real meaning behind the song. It's more adventurous and strong a mix than the bubblegum version I heard first, and it's not as pop-accessible. This is the case where I really learned to get deeper into electronic music and mature as a listener -- good bye pop songs! Unfortunately, I can't find this mix on youtube. Yeah. Not so pop-accessible.

So I like this album, but I have to be very honest. It starts off great, but towards the middle it gets bogged down and tiresome because there isn't as enough variety in the middle tracks. It really doesn't recover until the very last track, making this album one more for middle to hard electronic listeners. I'll continue to listen to this as I wrap Christmas presents, but it's not something I can recommend for everyone.

But heck, that ain't the only stuff that Dj Micro has done. Why don't I dig up some stuff for you on youtube for those of you less accustomed to harder or more electronic pieces?

Inside of Me (Radio Edit) -
The World Around me -
Stargazer -
I'll Fly with You (with Gigi D'Agostino) -
Breathe in You (Deep Amazing Vocals) -
DJ Micro (with Mark Aurel) The Sun Dominator Remix -

Overall, DJ Micro is not for those who aren't into techno or hard trance. But hopefully it will expose you to new insights on how the hard trance world works.

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